December 2 2021 / Québec

Avatar, an artist-run centre dedicated to audio and electronic art, proposes to expand the horizons of the pipe organ through interdisciplinary collaborations.

Avatar, centre d’artistes en art audio et électronique propose de réfléchir les nouveaux horizons de l’orgue à tuyaux par des collaborations interdisciplinaires.

For the first public event of Plein Jeu, Avatar organized an evening of sound works made for MIDI-controlled pipe organ.

Without having to touch the keyboards, seven artists made the majestic organ at Palais Montcalm resonate by using electronic devices that reimagine the language of the instrument.

The fifteen works on the program were created during three research and creation residencies at Avatar and tested at Palais Montcalm.

Plein Jeu is also an epic, a series of events that assemble artists to reflect and create together. The project finds a natural extension in a digital publication of theoretical reflections on the works and the creation of electronic and computer interfaces.

December 2 marked the start of the Plein Jeu event and publication.

Documentation of the performance Musique pour sièges vides [Music for Empty Seats]: Recorded and edited by Felippe Martín

Performance by Bruno Bouchard, Benoit Fortier, and Philip Gagnon