By Myriam Lambert

Through this publication, we wanted to consider the works for MIDIfied pipe organ that were created for the project Plein Jeu in the past two years. Some of the thinking included arose from the research undertaken in this context. Inspired by the poetry of the sound works, we offered observations and metaphors related to the works, the collective creative process, the operating mode of the MIDIfied instrument, the challenges involved in playing it, and the technological and computing inventions that have come out of this project. We also wanted to offer a historical perspective on the organ by focusing on its importance in Québec’s heritage and by providing an overview of the technical modifications that have given the instrument new characteristics and that have helped to decompartmentalize and even desacralize it. Although the task may have seemed as monumental as the instrument that inspired it, we took up the challenge with a group of excellent artists from diverse disciplines and an expanded, highly-qualified team.


Plein Jeu has begun in earnest and will continue to develop thanks to the expertise of the various partners it has brought together. Avatar, the ORCA research group at Laval University, and the nomadic stage Athénor will continue their research, creations, considerations, and inventions around the MIDIfied pipe organ. Already, new residencies are planned for the spring of 2022. The results of our explorations will be available on the websites of these organizations and through the blue tabs on the home page of this publication.




Publication edited by

Myriam Lambert



Artistic committee of the project Plein Jeu

Myriam Lambert, Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne, and Jocelyn Robert




Louise Boisclair

Anne-Marie Bouchard

Philip Gagnon

Andrée-Anne Laberge

Myriam Lambert

Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne

Jocelyn Robert

Manon Tourigny





Bruno Bouchard

Julie Bouffard

Simon Elmaleh

Benoit Fortier

Philip Gagnon

Nataliya Petkova

Jocelyn Robert

Josiane Roberge

Vincent Thériault


Project managers of Plein Jeu

Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne and Julien St-Georges Tremblay



Recording, mastering, and digital optimization of the sound works

Guillaume Côté


Technical and artistic assistants

Nathalie LeBlanc and Guillaume Côté


Communications assistant

Carole Siciak


Graphic design



English translation of the original French texts

Oana Avasilichioaei


Copyediting of French texts

Valérie Litalien


Content programming and integration

Criterium and Julien St-Georges Tremblay


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